Shelaine's Creations - Steps towards a dream!

We are Shelaine: Michelle Stark and Elaine Price. We are makers, creators, crafters...both with the usual dream of being independent, working for ourselves, setting our own rules and schedules, and being our own bosses!!! Sound familiar?? It's a scary thought, leaving the security of a day job...and that's why Elaine still keeps hers for the time being :). But dreams happen one step at a time, and our Etsy shop is a step...we are working on a website...step by step by step. We are excited about sharing our many creations with you, and hope that you love them as much as we do, and want to take them home!
UPDATE: It's been far too long since we really took a long look at our shop and made some changes. but a lot has happened in the past year...Elaine decided to retire and put her full energy into this business and both of us have been working on new projects and extending our visibility.  We are excited to try new venues and outlets and take advantage of every opportunity to share our items and our business. We have set up shop in an Old Western town complete with gunfights and continue to do craft fairs in New Mexico. Our items can also be found in a wonderful shop in Coronado Mall in Albuquerque called Something Different All Natural and a brand new shop in the Historic District called Merc 66, which features Southwestern themed art, crafts, and homemade jams.. Elaine has learned that she can make stencils and signs and has been fortunate to have made that contribution to a great new shop/gallery in California as well. And Michelle has added a new service- loom beading repair!
Always new things on the horizon!!